(A)   Applicable.
      (1)   This rate is available, as shown, to all single family residences, single flats, single apartments and churches for lighting, the operation of appliances, cooking, supplemental space heating, water heating and incidental power.
      (2)   This rate is also available for multiple occupancy or for multiple units as noted under division (I) of this section.
   (B)   Character of service.  120/240 volts, single phase, alternating current, 60 hertz (cycles per second).
   (C)   Rate.
      (1)   Customer service charge: $5.00 per meter per month
      (2)   Energy charge:
   All kilowatt-hours per month $0.0650 per kWH
      (3)   Distribution charge:
First 800 kilowatt-hours
   per month   $0.0400 per kWH
Next 800 kilowatt-hours
   per month   $0.0350 per kWH
All kilowatt-hours over 1600
   per month   $0.0200 per kWH
   (D)   Power supply cost adjustment clause.  The above rates shall be adjusted in accordance with the power supply cost adjustment clause set forth in § 915.02 of this chapter.
   (E)   Tax adjustment clause.  The above rate shall be adjusted in accordance with the tax adjustment clause set forth in § 915.04 of this chapter.
   (F)   Minimum monthly charge.  For regular full service meter, the minimum monthly charge shall be the customer service charge  plus fuel adjustment and any applicable tax adjustment.
   (G)   Service charge for delayed payment:  A penalty of 5% shall be added to all bills for which payment has not been received in the City Building by 5:00 p.m. on the due date printed on the bill.
   (H)   Terms and conditions. 
      (1)   This rate is available on application, and only to those consumers whose entire requirements are measured through one meter.
      (2)   When multiple occupancy exists or multiple units are served under one regular full service meter, the rate shall be applied on a per unit occupancy or dwelling unit basis. The Utility reserves the right to apply or to refuse to supply service on this basis.
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