(A)   A general right-of-way occupancy permit shall be granted to an applicant upon a determination that:
      (1)   The granting of the right-of- way occupancy permit will contribute to the public health, safety or welfare in the city;
      (2)   The granting of the right-of- way occupancy permit will be consistent with the policy of the city as set forth in § 908.02(D); and
      (3)   The applicant is not delinquent on any right-of-way permit fees, or costs owed the city for right-of-way related activity and, except in the case of entities subject to the jurisdiction and recognized on the rolls of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio or of a cable operator possessing a valid franchise awarded pursuant to the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984, 98 Stat. 2779, 47 U.S.C.A. 541, has the requisite financial, managerial and technical ability to fulfill all its obligations hereunder.
   (B)   The Deputy City Manager may impose such lawful conditions on the granting of a permit as reasonably required to be consistent with the criteria set forth in this section and to promote the policy of the city set forth in § 908.02(D).
(Ord. 9351, passed 7-11-06)