(A)   An information packet for the public notice will be developed by the city containing the following items:
      (1)   Description of the services required.
      (2)   Project limits.
      (3)   General information.
      (4)   Detailed scope of work for the requested services.
      (5)   Proposed schedule.
      (6)   Contents for submitted response will typically include the following items. The city reserves the right to modify the information requested based on the specific nature of the services to be provided. The city will have the authority to limit the number of pages submitted.
         (a)   Technical approach to the provided scope of work for project.
         (b)   Listing of previous projects within the last five years in similar scope and complexity.
         (c)   Construction cost estimates and actual bid prices of projects in division (A)(6)(a) above if available, and if applicable to the services required.
         (d)   Organizational chart of the firms design team members.
         (e)   Current workload of the office performing the services and of each team member working on the project.
         (f)   Qualifications of each team member working on the project. Depending on the project, specific qualifications may be required.
         (g)   Description of firms construction cost estimating methodology and approach, if applicable to the services required.
         (h)   Description of firms QA/QC procedures.
         (i)   Listing (narrative) of the major advantages for selection of the firm and the criteria that sets them apart from other firms.
         (j)   Work hour estimates per tasks indicated in division (B) of this section.
         (k)   Overhead rates (direct and indirect).
         (l)   Liability and errors/omissions insurance certificates.
         (m)   Worker's compensation certificates.
         (n)   Sealed envelope containing a fee for items indicated in division (B) of this section.
   (B)   Selection process.
      (1)   The city will evaluate, score, and then rank the qualification packets submitted based on the following minimum criteria:
         (a)   Overall quality of submittal;
         (b)   Similar project experience;
         (c)   Project team personnel qualifications;
         (d)   Reference checks and/or past performance.
The above items will have scoring values assigned to equal 100 total points. Based on project complexity, additional criteria may be needed and/or criteria deleted and scoring values changed for each criterion with the total score still equal to 100.
      (2)   Following staff evaluation, scoring, and ranking of the submitted qualifications packet, the sealed envelopes containing the fee will be opened.
      (3)   The contract will be awarded to the firm with the highest ranked qualifications packet unless the project complexity will require a further evaluation of the top ranked firms through an interviewing process. Interviews may be conducted with the top ranked firms prior to staff making a recommendation to the City Council as to which firm will be awarded the contract.
(Ord. 2015-006, passed 1-27-15)