(A)   The grantee shall establish a subscriber complaint procedure and designate a local company official for administering the complaint procedure at its local office. Notice of the complaint procedure shall be given to each subscriber.
   (B)   The grantee shall respond to all service calls within 24 hours and correct malfunctions as promptly as possible, but in all cases not longer than 48 hours after notification thereof. For this purpose, the grantee shall maintain a local office adequately staffed and trained to provide prompt and efficient service to the subscribers.
   (C)   Any subscriber, or member of the general public who has a complaint regarding the quality of service, equipment malfunctions, billings, or any other matters, which remains unresolved for 30 days after it has been brought to the grantee’s attention, may file such complaint, in writing with the City Manager who shall have primary responsibility for the continuing administration of complaint procedures hereunder and who shall adopt such specific rules and regulations as are necessary to fairly represent the best interest of the public.
   (D)   The City Manager is hereby authorized and empowered to adjust, settle or compromise any controversy or charge arising from the operations of any grantee under this chapter, either on behalf of the city, the grantee or any subscriber, in the best interest of the public. Either the grantee or any member of the public who may be dissatisfied with the decision of the City Manager may appeal the matter to Council for hearing and determination. Council may adjust, settle or compromise any controversy or cancel any charge arising from the operations of any grantee or from any provision of this chapter.
(Ord. 5258, passed 10-28-80)
Editor’s note:
   Attachments A and B, referenced in this section, contain technical regulations concerning the granting of a non-exclusive franchise.  Because of their technical nature, these attachments have not been included in this Code of Ordinances.  Copies of these attachments shall be available for public inspection in the office of the City Manager.