(A)   No such sale as is referred to in § 705.01 shall be licensed or permitted for a period of more than 30 days.  The 30 days shall be consecutive.  If the licensee does not sell the quantity of merchandise listed in the application for a license, he or she may make application for extension of such license to the City Manager and if, upon investigation, the City Manager is satisfied as to the truth of the statements contained in the application for renewal, he or she shall issue a renewal license for a period not exceeding 30 days.  A maximum of two such renewals may be granted.
   (B)   No license shall be issued to any person to conduct a sale the same location where the applicant has terminated a prior sale licensed hereunder within a period of 18 months subsequent to the termination of the prior sale, nor shall a license be issued to a purchaser of stock at a sale licensed hereunder for a period of 18 months subsequent to such purchase if the purchaser continues to conduct business under the same firm name as that used by the seller of such stock, without having adopted a reasonable means of advertising the change in ownership to the public or where no bona fide change in ownership has taken place and the purchase was a sham transaction intended to deceive the public.
   (C)   No license shall be issued to any person who shall not have been, for a period of 60 days next preceding such sale, continuously engaged in the city in the business of selling goods, wares or merchandise at retail at the same location.
   (D)   No person who has been convicted of violating any of the provisions pertaining to a sale licensed hereunder shall be issued a license to conduct such a sale or be employed in any manner in the conduct of such a sale for a period of two years subsequent to such conviction.
(Am. Ord. 5081, passed 5-22-79)  Penalty, see § 705.99