(A)   Any person convicted of an offense other than a minor misdemeanor and who, as a consequence thereof, is confined in the Lebanon City Jail or at the expense of the city in any facility, shall reimburse the city for its expenses incurred by reason of such confinement, including, but not limited to, expenses relating to the provision of food, clothing, medical care and shelter.  The amount of reimbursement shall be determined by a court at a hearing held pursuant to the provisions of R.C. § 2929.223.
   (B)   The City Attorney is hereby authorized and directed to institute appropriate civil actions in the name of the city to recover from the convict reimbursement for the expenses of his or her confinement to the city as determined by a court pursuant to the provisions of R.C. § 2929.223.
(Ord. 5740, passed 11-26-85)