(A)   No person shall hold any public meeting in any street, alley, lane or other public place of the city for the purpose of lecturing or for any religious purpose or for any other purpose not named herein, whereby a number of people are or are likely to be gathered together so as to interfere with the free and uninterrupted use of the streets, alleys, avenues or other public places in the city, without having first obtained a permit to do so from the City Manager as hereinafter provided.
   (B)   Any person desiring a permit for a public street meeting must make application to the City Manager for a permit as required.
   (C)   Such application shall be in writing and shall state the nature or the object for which the permit is desired, the location of the meeting, the dates and the hours when it is desired to hold the meeting, and the purpose thereof.
   (D)   The City Manager shall thereupon, if in his or her opinion such public meeting will not unnecessarily interfere with traffic upon the public thoroughfares and will not be detrimental to the public health, morals, welfare or safety, issue a permit in writing to the applicant granting permission for the holding of the public meeting according to the terms of the application or with such modification as to time, place and purpose as may to the City Manager seem necessary in order to conserve the public morals, health, welfare or safety, or to facilitate the traffic on the streets of the city.
   (E)   The City Manager may, in his or her discretion, at any time revoke any permit issued hereunder upon satisfactory evidence that provisions of this section are about to be or have been violated.
(Am. Ord. 3043, passed 9-28-76)