(A)   As provided for in R.C. § 9.15, when an indigent resident of the city dies, and no other person nor any other authority is chargeable with the duty of disposal of the remains, or of defraying the cost of such disposal, or if the person otherwise chargeable therewith is indigent and unable to defray such disposal costs, the City Manager shall cause the remains to be cremated or otherwise properly disposed of. The City Manager shall take reasonable actions to verify the indigence of the deceased resident, as well as any persons chargeable with disposal of the remains or persons claiming the remains. Indigence as defined by the Revised Code as having an income not exceeding 150% of the federally established poverty level, as revised annually by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. When indigence of the decedent and/or any person claiming the remains of the decedent has been established after reasonable inquiry, the city will provide the following services to affect the proper disposal of the remains:
      (1)   A regular grave space or cremation space selected by the city in the city-owned cemetery.
      (2)   Grave opening and closing operations in the city-owned cemetery during regular business hours.
      (3)   Grave liner as specified in current cemetery regulations.
      (4)   A grave marker, to be selected by the city, inscribed with the decedent’s name, age, if known, and date of death.
      (5)   Cremation services and a cremation container with a maximum total cost of  $300.
      (6)   Administrative, labor, and transportation fees incurred by a private funeral home not to exceed a total of $250.
   (B)   The city will not pay for a private funeral arranged independently by a person claiming the remains of an indigent decedent; nor will the city reimburse any person claiming the remains of an indigent decedent  for the costs or expenses incurred for any private interment or cremation.
   (C)   Prior to the city arranging for the disposition of the remains of any indigent decedent, a person authorized to claim the remains of any indigent decedent shall complete and submit a “Request for Indigent Burial and Waiver of Right of Disposition” form and shall submit such form to the city.
(Ord. 8672, passed 2-25-03; Am. Ord. 9770, passed 10-14-08; Am. Ord. 2016-102, passed 11-22-16; Am. Ord. 2017-005, passed 2-14-17)