The following rates shall apply for charging the consumer for any work performed by the Division of Water and Wastewater, Division of Storm Water, Division of Streets, Division of Parks, and the Division of Electricity, on behalf of any customer, where provision for charging for such work is not otherwise made:
   (A)   Labor charges:
      (1)   Water/Wastewater, Streets, and Parks Division:   $35 per hour
      (2)   Electric Division:               $50 per hour
   (B)   Equipment charges:
      (1)   Backhoe                  $75 per hour
      (2)   Pickup truck                  $15 per hour
      (3)   Car                     $10 per hour
      (4)   Tandem dump truck               $50 per hour
      (5)   Service truck                  $50 per hour
      (6)   Sewer jet/vac truck               $125 per hour
      (7)   Front-end loader               $75 per hour
      (8)   Trailers                  $30 per hour
      (9)   Pipeline inspection unit            $100 per hour
      (10)   Skid steer/mini-excavator            $50 per hour
      (11)   1-ton dump truck               $50 per hour
      (12)   Easement machine               $50 per hour
      (13)   Electric bucket truck               $75 per hour
      (14)   Electric trencher               $75 per hour
      (15)   Electric line truck               $75 per hour
      (16)   Electric service truck               $75 per hour
   (C)   When charges are established prior to the work being performed, 10% shall be added to the estimate for contingencies.
   (D)   Materials furnished for any permanent installation shall be charged for “at cost” plus an administration fee of 15% of the total charges.
(Ord. 2015-001, passed 1-27-15)