§ 910.05  BILLING.
   (A)   Each bill shall include the charges due for all products and services of the city's utilities that are delivered or provided to the consumer. Upon receipt, payments shall be proportionally divided among the city's utilities. The city reserves the right to apply any payment or payments made by a consumer in whole or in part to any account due the city by the consumer.
   (B)   Each bill shall contain a notice of the last date on which it is payable without a late payment charge, and a statement setting forth the charges which will be due for late payment.
   (C)   A fee of $35 shall be applied to an account should any type of payment be returned to the city from a financial institution due to insufficient funds.
   (D)   Bill adjustments shall be determined as follows:
      (1)   Overcharges will be refunded to the customer for the entire period of inaccurate billing if that period is discernible by the city. If the period of inaccurate billing is not discernible, the shortest period encompassing either the elapsed time since the customer “on” date, the installation of the inaccurate meter, or 365 days, will form the basis for determining the period of time that the overcharges will be calculated.
      (2)   Undercharges may be billed and the customer shall pay the charges for the entire period of inaccurate billing when that period is discernible, except undercharged billed to residential customers shall be limited to a maximum of 365 days. There will be no maximum limit of time for cases involving tampering or theft of utility service, or where a physical act of a customer or its agent causes inaccurate or no recording of the meter reading, or inaccurate or no measurement of the utility services rendered. Customers shall have the option to pay the overcharges over the same number of months as the under charge was accumulated.
(Ord. 8588, passed 11-12-02; Am. Ord. 2015-001, passed 1-27-15)