The Division of Engineering Services shall be under the direction of the City Engineer, who shall be a registered civil engineer, licensed to practice in Ohio by the State Board of Registration for Engineers and Surveyors. He or she shall be accountable to the Deputy City Manager. This Division shall perform the following duties:
   (A)   Administer the subdivision regulations and provide for the inspection of all construction performed thereunder.
   (B)   Maintain accurate records of all utility installations, streets, and other items of public construction. Serve as custodian of subdivision plats.
   (C)   Prepare and keep current the official city map and zoning map.
   (D)   Assign lot numbers and house numbers.
   (E)   Render engineering advice to Council, to the Deputy City Manager, and to the various departments of the city; prepare plans and specifications for other departments as may be required by the Deputy City Manager and the City Manager.
   (F)   Prepare and keep current the official traffic control map.
   (G)   Provide traffic engineering services for the city.
   (H)   Provide plan review for all construction plans, plats, drawings, specifications, and other required materials submitted in connection with applications and/or public improvement projects.
   (I)   Maintain complete and accurate file records of all operations pertaining to all construction under the jurisdiction of the division.
   (J)   Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the City Engineer, the Deputy City Manager, or the City Manager.
(Am. Ord. 6139, passed 11-24-87; Am. Ord. 8755, passed 6-10-03)