§ 301.37  RIGHT-OF-WAY.
   RIGHT-OF-WAY.    Either of the following, as the context requires:
      (1)   The right of a vehicle or pedestrian to proceed uninterruptedly in a lawful manner in the direction in which it, he or she is moving, in preference to another vehicle or pedestrian approaching from  a different direction into its or his or her path;
      (2)   A general term denoting land, property, or the interest therein, usually in the configuration of a strip, acquired for or devoted to transportation purposes.  When used in this context, RIGHT-OF- WAY includes the roadway, shoulders or berm, ditch, and slopes extending to the right-of-way limits under the control of the state or local authority.
(R.C. § 4511.01(UU))  (Ord. 3033, passed 8-10-76)