§ 153.02  RATE OF TAX.
   (A)   For the purpose of providing revenue with which to meet the needs of the city, there is hereby levied a tax of 3% on all rents received by a hotel for lodging furnished to transient guests, such tax to be known as the transient occupancy tax.
   (B)   The tax constitutes a debt owed by the transient guest to the city which is satisfied only by payment to the operator as trustee for the city, or to the city. The transient guest shall pay the tax to the operator of the hotel at the time the rent is paid. If the rent is paid in installments, a proportionate share of the tax shall be paid with each installment. The unpaid tax shall be due upon the transient guest’s ceasing to occupy space in the hotel. If for any reason the tax due is not paid to the operator of the hotel, the Tax Commissioner may require that such tax shall be paid directly to the Tax Commissioner.
(Ord. 4075, passed 3-28-78)