(A)   Subject to budgetary constraints, any full- time employee who has completed the probationary period is eligible for participation in the Tuition Reimbursement Program. Courses must not interfere with the employee's job responsibilities. The courses of study must be taken from an accredited institution.
   (B)   Regular courses that result in a certification, degree, or the like that are not specifically identified as required training in the employee's job description shall be classified as falling under the Tuition Reimbursement Program. Any uncertainty as to what constitutes training and what constitutes a tuition reimbursement eligible program shall be clarified and authorized in writing by the Personnel Department and/or the City Manager prior to the employee entering the program.
   (C)   Employee requests for future tuition reimbursement assistance must be made during the previous budget cycle to assist the department in developing their annual budget.
   (D)   The course of study must be reasonably related to the employee's job, and the employee must seek approval for participation in the reimbursement program from the City Manager prior to the start of actual course work. Reimbursement will be made at the conclusion of the course work, and after submission by the employee of documents showing completion and passing grades. Reimbursement covers actual tuition and general lab fees, as well as necessary books. Reimbursement will be based on the following schedule:
Grade Received
Reimbursement Amount
P (for pass/fail courses
Lower than C
   (E)   An employee who resigns or whose services are terminated by the city while the course is in progress will not be compensated for any courses he or she is currently enrolled in.
   (F)   Employees who work for the city less than three years after being reimbursed for course work must repay a portion of the money he or she received for the course(s). Repayment will be based on the following schedule:
Date of Termination
Repayment Percent
0-12 months following course
13-36 months following course
   (G)   Repayment due for course work shall be withheld from the employee's last paycheck.
   (H)   The annual cap of tuition reimbursement per employee is $3,500.
(Ord. 6830, passed 4-13-93; Am. Ord. 7152, passed 12-26-95; Am. Ord. 7744, passed 12-28-99; Am. Ord. 9052, passed 12-14-04; Am. Ord. 9790, passed 11-24-08)