(A)   Applicants for permits required by the Fire Code shall pay the fee indicated to the City Auditor prior to the issuance of such permits. All permits required by the Fire Code will require an inspection by a fire inspector to insure compliance to the Code. The receipt of a permit is not permission to operate, that permission is granted only after an inspection assures Code compliance.
   (B)   Fee schedule as follows:
F-301.3   Bonfires      $1
F-303.2    Torches for Removing Paint      1
F-305.2   Storage Combustible Material 2500 cu ft      5
F-316.2    Cellulose Nitrate Motion Picture Film      5
F-317.2    Cellulose Nitrate Plastics      5
F-800.2    Airports, Heliports and Helistops      5
F-900.2    Application of Flammable Finishes      5
F-1000.2   Bowling Establishments/Pin Refinishing      5
F-1100.2   Crop Ripening or Coloring Processes      5
F-1200.2   Dry Cleaning Plants      5
F-1300.2   Dust Explosion Hazards      5
F-1400.2   Fumigation/Thermal Fogging      5
F-1500.2   Lumber Yards      5
F-1600.2   Oil and Gas Production      5
F-1700.2   Place of Assembly      5
F-1800.2   Semiconductor Fabrication      5
F-1900.2   Service Stations and Garages      5
F-2100.2   Vehicle Wrecking/Junk Yards      5
F-2200.2   Welding or Cutting      5
F-2205.1   Calcium Carbide Systems      5
F-2206.1   Acetylene Generators      5
F-2206.7   Acetylene/LP Cylinder Storage      5
F-2300.2   Combustible Fibers      5
F-2400.2   Compressed Gases in excess of 2000 cu ft      5
F-2500.2   Cryogenic Liquids      5
F-2600.2   Explosives, Ammunition, Blasting Agents      5
F-2800.2   Flammable and Combustible Liquids      5
F-2900.2   Hazardous Materials      5
F-3000.2   Liquefied Petroleum Gases      5
F-3100.2   Magnesium      5
F-3200.2   Matches      5
F-3300.2   Organic Coatings      5
Fireworks as required by State Law      5
(Ord. 6312, passed 1-24-89)