The City Manager is authorized and directed to enter into health and life insurance contracts in order to provide benefits outlined below.
   (A)   All full-time employees of the city shall be eligible for health insurance and life insurance as provided by City Council upon such terms, conditions and requirements, and in such amounts as Council shall authorize. Part-time employees shall not be eligible for city-provided health insurance but may purchase health insurance at the designated COBRA rate.
   (B)   Employees are responsible for keeping the insurance carrier current on any changes affecting their coverage through the Personnel Department (e.g., marriages, births, and the like).
   (C)   The City Manager reserves all rights as to the determination of insurance carriers.
   (D)   The City Council shall reserve the right to limit the amount of premiums for which the city will be liable, and to set the amount of premiums for which employees may be responsible.
   (E)   Specifics on eligibility of an employee for coverage and rejection of an employee for coverage can be found in the actual insurance plan.
   (F)   Life insurance: For each full-time employee, the cost of a term life insurance policy representing $50,000 of life insurance shall be paid by the city.
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