(A)   All full-time personnel in the service of the city shall be entitled to the following paid holidays:
New Year's Day
Columbus Day
Martin Luther King Day
Thanksgiving Day
Presidents Day
Day after Thanksgiving Day
Memorial Day
Christmas Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Day preceding or following Christmas, as determined by the City Manager
   (B)   Holidays that fall on Saturday will be observed on the previous Friday. Those holidays that fall on Sunday will be observed the following Monday. The Public Safety Department may have departmental/divisional policies that differ from this to better suit their unique schedules, though any variation shall be consistent with any applicable collective bargaining agreement.
   (C)   The City Manager is authorized to declare additional holidays in the event holidays are established by executive order for federal or state employees in times of national exigencies.
   (D)   If an employee is on an unpaid leave of absence, or other non-pay status, said employee is not eligible for holidays falling during the leave period.
   (E)   Nonexempt employees shall be paid for an eight-hour day for each of the holidays listed above. Where it is necessary that an employee work on any of these holidays, the employee shall be paid at the rate of one and one-half times his or her regular rate of pay. Additionally, with the exception of Fire Division employees working on a 14-day pay cycle, the employee shall receive a compensatory day off at a later date.
   (F)   If an employee is scheduled for standby during a holiday as previously defined, the employee shall receive an additional eight hours at his or her regular rate of pay.
   (G)   An employee scheduled to return from an unpaid leave of absence on the day after a holiday will not be paid for the holiday.
   (H)   The City Manager may release designated employees one hour early with pay on New Year's Eve if such day falls on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
   (I)   The City Building shall be closed for two hours on Good Friday to allow staff members the opportunity to attend mid-day religious services of their choice.
   (J)   In addition to the foregoing holidays, all full- time personnel shall be provided with two personal emergency days each calendar year. Pay for each personal emergency day shall be in eight hours of pay at the regular base hourly rate. Personal emergency days shall be taken in increments of four hours or more and shall not be carried over from year to year.
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