(A)   Obstructions to traffic. No ground sign or pole sign shall be erected so as to obstruct free access to or egress from any building.
   (B)   Setback. No ground sign or pole sign shall be set in the public right-of-way, but may project over the public right of way under the same conditions as specified for projecting signs.
   (C)   Bottom clearance. The bottom capping of all ground signs shall be at least 30 inches above the ground, but the intervening space may be filled with open lattice work or platform decorative trim.
   (D)   Fire district limitations.
      (1)   Inside fire district. In fire districts, no ground sign shall be constructed of combustible materials, except ornamental features.
      (2)   Outside fire district. Outside the fire limits, the structural frame of ground signs shall not be erected of combustible materials to a height of more than 35 feet above the ground.
(Ord. 1049, passed 8-13-63)