(A)   Violations; compliance. When a sign becomes insecure, in danger of falling or otherwise unsafe, or if any sign shall be unlawfully installed, erected or maintained in violation of any of the provisions of this chapter, the owner thereof or the person or firm maintaining same shall, upon written notice of the Building Inspector, forthwith in the case of immediate danger and in any case within not more than ten days, make such sign conform to the provisions of this chapter or shall remove it.
   (B)   Obstructions to ingress or egress. The Building inspector shall notify the owner or lessee of the building or structure by registered mail or personal service whenever a sign is so erected as to obstruct free ingress to or egress from a required door, window, fire escape or other required exitway. Such obstruction shall be forthwith removed.
   (C)   Obstructions to roof access. A projecting display sign erected at other than right angles to the wall of a building or structure outside of the building line which extends above the roof cornice or parapet wall and which obstructs access to the roof is deemed unlawful. Such signs shall be reconstructed or removed as herein required.
   (D)   Projected beyond alley lot lines. No signs shall be permitted to project beyond public alley lot lines.
(Ord. 1049, passed 8-13-63)