§ 1313.07  EXCEPTIONS.
   No permit shall be required for the signs or outdoor display structures covered by the provisions of this section. Such exceptions, however, shall not be construed to relieve the owner of the sign from responsibility for its erection and maintenance in a safe manner, or from compliance with zoning regulations
   (A)   Painted signs. Signs painted on the surface of masonry, concrete, frame or other approved building walls.
   (B)   Government building signs. Signs erected on a municipal, state or federal building which announce the name and nature of the occupancy and information as to use of or admission to the premises.
   (C)   Other wall signs. Any wall sign erected on a building or structure which is not more than one square foot in area.
   (D)   Fence signs. Signs painted on the surface of enclosure or division fences, or on picket or other ornamental fences.
   (E)   Sale or rent. Signs erected to announce the sale or rent of the property so designated, provided such signs are not over six square feet in area.
   (F)   Transit directions. The erection or maintenance of a sign designating the location of a transit line, a railroad station or other public carrier when not more than three square feet in area.
   (G)   Street signs and other municipal signs. Signs erected by the city for street direction and other information.
   (H)   Construction signs. Construction signs, engineer’s and architects’ signs, and other similar signs which may be authorized by the Building Inspector in connection with construction operations.
   (I)   Special displays. Special decorative displays used for holidays, public demonstrations or promotion of civic, welfare or charitable purposes, when authorized by the City Manager, on which there is no commercial advertising, provided the city is held harmless for any damage resulting therefrom.
(Ord. 1049, passed 8-13-63)