(A)   Flat fee.  New residential construction, flat fee shall be — $200 (includes three inspections). For two-family and three-family units the fee shall be - $200 flat fee + $75 for each unit.  (For fees on housing units over three family, see division (B) and (C) of this section).
   (B)   Commercial fee.  New commercial and industrial construction, including multiple-family housing over three units.  Base fee includes one inspection visit — $100.
   (C)   Additional fee.  For each new commercial unit, in addition to the base fee, there shall be a fee, based on floor area measured by outside building dimensions and including attached garage and basement.  For each 100 square feet, or fraction thereof, of floor area — $3.25  (This fee permits an additional inspection visit for each 5,000 square feet of area).
   (D)   Reinspections.  If more inspections are requested or required, there shall be a charge of $40  per additional inspection.
   (E)   Unit Fees.  Permits for rewiring existing structures, new circuits, main service, branch panels, other miscellaneous apparatus, and temporary service structures.  In addition to the base fee of $70, which includes two inspections, there shall be paid unit fees in accordance with the following:  Each circuit, service and circuit panel — $5.
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