§ 1301.03  SCOPE.
   (A)   The code shall apply to one-, two-, and three-family dwelling houses; residential buildings, nontransient; residential buildings, transient; hospitals and homes; penal and correctional buildings; schools and school assembly halls; places of assembly; places of outdoor assembly; business buildings, mercantile and office buildings; industrial buildings; storage buildings; and special occupancy buildings; to their accessory structures; and to their service equipment parts which are hereinafter erected. Buildings, structures and equipment used for agriculture are not regulated.
   (B)   The code shall also apply to existing buildings and structures described in this section to be occupied or used as set forth above, as if hereinafter erected under the following conditions:
      (1)   A building moved into, or moved within, the city.
      (2)   A building occupied for uses described above which is altered or repaired when the cost of such work within any 12-month period exceeds the County Auditor’s assessed valuation of the building, except that the code shall also apply to:
         (a)   Roof covering when more than 25% of contiguous roof covering of a building is replaced in any 12-month period, all contiguous roof covering on such building shall be made to comply to applicable regulations of the code.
         (b)   Ordinary repair when such construction alters the appearance, safety, sanitary facilities or structural qualities of the building.
      (3)   A building or structure whose occupancy or use is changed from one use group to another use group in accordance with the definitions of “change of use,” as contained in the Ohio Basic Building Code.
      (4)   An addition or alteration, regardless of cost, made to a building shall be made in conformity with applicable regulations of the code.
      (5)   When the installation, extension or alteration of an elevator, moving stairway, mechanical equipment, refrigerating, air conditioning or ventilating apparatus, plumbing, gas piping, electric wiring, heating system or any other equipment is specifically controlled by the provisions of the code, it shall be unlawful to use such equipment until an approval has been issued therefor by the Building Inspector.
(Am. Ord. 5285, passed 3-24-81)  Penalty, see § 1301.99