§ 52.10  SEWER REPAIR.
   Whenever a sewer running from any building and connecting with a common sewer or with another drain becomes clogged, obstructed, broken or out of order in any way, or unfit for drainage or sewer purposes, the owner, agent or person having charge of the premises drained by the sewer shall, within five days after notice to the effect from the Community Development Officer, reconstruct, repair, alter or cleanse the sewer as the condition thereof may require and in the case of neglect or refusal for the space of five days to do so, the Community Development Officer shall report the same to the Sewer Commissioner, who shall cause the sewer to be reconstructed, altered, repaired or cleansed, as he or she may deem expedient, at the expense of the owner, agent or person having charge of the premises, who shall be liable for that expense, charged in the same manner as a special assessment.
(Prior Code, § 14-202)