§ 52.06  INSPECTION.
   No service sewer trench shall be filled or sewer pipe covered until the service sewer has been first inspected by the Community Development Officer or his or her assistant. All persons making service sewer connections shall give at least five hours' notice to the Community Development Officer of the time when the service sewer will be ready for inspection. It shall be the duty of the Community Development Officer, within a reasonable time after the notice, to inspect the sewer. If in his or her judgment the service sewer is properly connected and laid with the proper grade, he or she shall give permission for the filling of the trench. If he or she finds the service sewer defectively or improperly laid and connected, he or she shall order the same taken out and re-laid in accordance with his or her directions. When the service sewer is completed and approved by the Community Development Officer, he or she shall give permission to the owner or person in charge of the property served by the service sewer to turn water therein and use the same, but no service sewer shall be used until the permission is first obtained.
(Prior Code, § 14-106)