(A)   All family domestic units where kitchen garbage accumulates shall provide one or more watertight metal or plastic garbage cans, with tightly fitted covers, not to exceed 30 gallons in size. Family domestic units shall provide sufficient cans to hold at least one week's accumulation of garbage. The garbage cans shall be provided with suitable handles. Military G.I. cans, oil drums and cyanide cans shall not be used as garbage cans.
   (B)   All garbage which is an accumulation of animal and vegetable matter shall be placed in a garbage can or other suitable container. Other types of materials defined in § 50.03 above as garbage may be placed in either the garbage cans or in suitable and sufficiently strong containers to adequately hold and confine the waste materials. No person shall place anything in a garbage can other than garbage, as defined in § 50.03 above, and then only after draining off moisture from moist substances and wrapping them in paper to avoid freezing of the substances to the garbage can or container. No hot ashes shall be placed in any garbage container.
   (C)   Garbage cans shall be kept tightly closed except during the collection or deposit of garbage. The contents of all receptacles shall be so protected that the wind cannot blow out and scatter same over the streets, alleys and premises of the city.
(Prior Code, § 16-202)  Penalty, see § 50.99