(A)   General regulations.  Signs in designated Historic Districts are of special interest to the city and its Planning and Historic Preservation Commissions. To protect the integrity of these special districts, particular scrutiny will be given to signs proposed for these areas.
   (B)   Performance standards.
      (1)   Sign size shall be appropriate to the architectural signable area of the structure upon which it is placed.
      (2)   Materials of sign construction shall be appropriate to the historic character of the District, including color and texture.
      (3)   Unlighted fabric awning and canopy signs are encouraged. Plastic awning and canopy signs shall not be permitted.
      (4)   Signs, awnings and canopy signs shall be professionally constructed. Homemade signs and awnings shall be closely reviewed . LHPC may request to see homemade signs before approval.
      (5)   Neon signs shall not be permitted.
      (6)   Permanent, cloth, and paper signs and/or banners shall not be permitted.
(Ord. 948-03, passed 4-21-2003; Ord. 1030-14, passed 11-17-2014)  Penalty, see § 155.999