(A)   All signs shall be structurally safe and securely anchored and properly maintained. The owner of any sign and the owner of the premises upon which it is located shall be responsible for maintenance and for the removal of such sign if and when it is abandoned, no longer functional unsafe, or unmaintained.
   (B)   No sign shall constitute a nuisance to either an adjacent property owner or the general public. (To be reviewed by Building Inspector with recommendation to the Lead City Commission).
   (C)   No sign shall conflict with the clear and obvious appearance or public devices controlling traffic or emergency vehicles.
   (D)   Ground signs on public property shall be first approved by the Historic Preservation Commission. Ground signs on vacant lots will go against the lots allowable square foot per signage and shall not exceed two square feet per frontage foot of the lot.
   (E)   Temporary signs or banners on or over public property shall be permitted by the Building Inspector.
   (F)   Upon either the written or verbal permission of the Building Inspector, or one of his or her agents, professionally made temporary signs or banners may be placed on or over private property, and may be displayed for a period not to exceed 30 days.  If the temporary signs or banners are deemed offensive by the Building Inspector, upon notification by the Building Inspector, the temporary sign or banner must be removed immediately with the Building Inspector making recommendation to the Lead City Commission for final decision as to whether or not it is offensive.
   (G)   Signs projecting over a street, alley or other public place shall project not more than ten feet and be no closer than two feet to a plumb line from curb line. Clearance below such signs shall be a minimum of eight feet six inches.
   (H)   Signs along any state highway shall conform to the legally executed agreement between the city and the State Department of Transportation where applicable.
   (I)   Commercial signs in Residential Districts shall be issued by the Planning and Zoning Commission under the variance procedure.
   (J)   Graffiti signs shall not be permitted.
   (K)   Non-conforming signs upon 30 days written notice by the Building Inspector shall be removed. Refusal may be subject to fine.
   (L)   Advertising wall and protruding signs shall be restricted to the business occupying the premises upon which the sign is located with the exception of historical signs being renovated.
   (M)   In the event that a business closes for a period exceeding 60 days, upon written notification by the Building Inspector, all signs and their support systems advertising such business shall be removed. An extension may be granted by the Building Inspector.
   (N)   Billboard(s) shall not exceed 300 square feet in area and shall not be permitted within 100 feet of another billboard. The governing body of the city reserves the exclusive right in its sole discretion to deny a permit based upon the particular facts and circumstances of each individual case including but not limited to size of the billboard and/or lot, content of the billboard, and location of the billboard.
   (O)   All signs along any state or federal highway shall comply with all city, state and federal regulations.
   (P)   Roof signs may be permitted on the basis that the prepared sign does not extend above the peak of the roof line unless it is parallel with the peak of the roof sign must also be parallel to peak to extend above.
   (Q)   Any exterior, portable, freestanding or unattached signs, such as, but not limited to, a sidewalk sign or sandwich board sign shall not be allowed unless placed a minimum of three feet from the street or if granted a variance granted by the Planning and Zoning Commission with recommendation to the Lead City Commission.
   (R)   Paper signs larger than 11 inches by 17 inches will not be allowed, signs smaller than 11 inches by 17 inches are allowed without permit.
   (S)   Signs and/or banners may not be affixed to a vehicle that is used or will be used as a permanent or semi-permanent display.
(Ord. 948-03, passed 4-21-2003; Ord. 967-04, passed 12-13-2004; Ord. 1030-14, passed 11-17-2014)  Penalty, § 155.999