(A)   A disorderly assembly of persons in a public place is hereby prohibited, and the Police Department or any law enforcement officer shall have the authority to disperse those persons and to require them to remove themselves from the place of assembly.
   (B)   Any person participating in a disorderly assembly who fails or refuses to disperse or vacate the place after having been commanded to do so by a law enforcement officer shall be guilty of disorderly assembly.
   (C)   For the purposes of this section, a DISORDERLY ASSEMBLY shall mean an assembly of two or more persons, some or all of whom are engaged in conduct which threatens the public peace or safety, through fighting or violent or threatening behavior, loud or profane language, unreasonable noise, obstructing vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or by littering or breakage.
   (D)   For the purposes of this section, PUBLIC PLACE shall mean any place, whether within or without a building, commonly and customarily open to or used by the general public.
(Ord. 909-98, passed 3-23-1998)  Penalty, see § 10.99