(A)   Pursuant to this chapter it is lawful to operate a golf cart on a designated public street or roadway; provided:
      (1)   The Lawrenceburg, City Police Department has established a system for the inspection and permitting of golf carts pursuant to this chapter and a permit for operation of the golf cart has been issued by the City of Lawrenceburg;
      (2)   The golf cart displays a permit that identifies that the golf cart is within compliance of this chapter and is thereby allowed to be operated upon those streets or roadways identified herein.
      (3)   The golf cart has been inspected by a certified inspector designated by the Lawrenceburg, City Police Department and certified through the Department of Vehicle Regulation to ensure that the golf cart complies with the requirements of this section. The inspection fee shall be five dollars ($5.00) and the permit fee under this chapter shall be ten dollars ($10.00). Persons wishing to have their golf carts inspected for issuance of any permits under this section shall bring same to the Lawrenceburg City Police Department during times and days as established by the said department. If at any time the Lawrenceburg City Police Department authorizes that the inspection and permitting of golf carts under this chapter may take place at locations other than the Police Department, an additional fee of ten dollars ($10.00) may be imposed for remote inspection.
      (4)   The establishment of permit and inspection procedures is subject to the approval of the Lawrenceburg City Police Department.
   (B)   A person may operate a golf cart on a public roadway pursuant to § 100.01 if:
      (1)   The posted speed limit of the designated public roadway is thirty-five (35) miles per hour or less;
      (2)   The operator of the golf cart does not cross a roadway at an intersection where the roadway being crossed has a posted speed limit of more than thirty-five (35) miles per hour;
      (3)   The operator has a valid operator's license in his or her possession;
      (4)   The golf cart is being operated between sunrise and sunset; and
      (5)   The golf cart displays a slow-moving vehicle emblem in compliance with KRS 189.820.
   (C)   A golf cart operating on a public roadway under § 100.01 shall be insured in compliance with KRS 304.39-080 by the owner or operator, and the proof of insurance shall be inside the golf cart at all times of operation on a public roadway.
   (D)   Any person operating a golf cart on a public roadway under the provisions of this section shall be subject to the traffic regulations of KRS Chapter 189.
   (E)   A golf cart operating on a public roadway designated by a local government under § 100.01 is not considered to be motor a vehicle and is exempt from:
      (1)   Title requirements of KRS 186.020;
      (2)   Vehicle registration requirements of KRS 186.050; and
      (3)   Emissions compliance certificates pursuant to KRS 224.20-720.
   (F)   The Transportation Cabinet may prohibit the operation of a golf cart on a public roadway designated under § 100.02 of this section that crosses a state-maintained highway under its jurisdiction if it determines that such prohibition is necessary in the interest of public safety.
   (G)   The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to a golf cart that is not used on a public street or roadway except to cross a street or roadway while following a golf cart path on a golf course.
(Ord. 2011-11, passed 9-21-11)  Penalty, see § 100.99