§ 100.02  ROADWAYS.
   Fiscal court identifies the roadways subject to the provisions of this section as those portions of any public road within the City of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky that have a posted speed limit of thirty-five (35) miles per-hour or less; however, the Mayor, or the Mayor's designee, is hereby granted the authority to determine if a particular Street, road or section thereof should be withdrawn from the scope of this section in the interest of public safety, and, upon such a determination and its publication and passage by the City Council, pursuant to the requirements of KRS Chapter 424, such determination to remove any section of public roadway in the City of Lawrenceburg, from the scope of this section shall become an administrative regulation that is enforceable as a provision of law under this section.
(Ord. 2011-11, passed 9-21-11)