(A)   In the event that a project is not completed, blasting permits must be renewed annually upon the applicant's payment of the renewal fee.
   (B)   A permit allowing blasting shall be issued upon application but, on public property, shall not become valid until seven days after its issuance.
   (C)   If unanticipated blasting is required, the permit may become valid as soon as the Building Inspector notifies all required agencies.
   (D)   On any contract issued by an agency of the city, blasting permits shall be issued by the Building Inspector unless otherwise specified in the contract.
   (E)   False statements, made for the purpose of obtaining a permit, shall render the permit null and void from the time of issue.
   (F)   Copies of the blasting permit shall be distributed by the city to the following required agencies:  Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Engineer, Superintendent of Water and Sewer Works, Superintendent of Streets, Local Manager of Kentucky Utilities of Lawrenceburg, Local Manager of Fox Creek Rural Electric Company, Local Manager of Bell Telephone Company.
(Ord. 1977-4, passed 1-11-77)  Penalty, see § 93.99