(A)   Purpose. Site plan review is a process that provides for the review of development proposals to assure special examination, review and findings by the city. It is a grant of authority under the terms of this chapter from and by the Plan Commission to an applicant for the use or uses of property in the manner set out in an approved development proposal.
   (B)   Review procedures.
      (1)   Site plan review requires the review and determination by the Plan Commission of certain development proposals.
      (2)   The following table sets forth the types of development that are to be reviewed by the designated staff and those types requiring review by the Plan Commission.
Staff Review
Plan Commission Review
1.   Construction of or additions to single and two family dwellings.
2.   Renovations enlarging, by not more than 25%, the bulk or capacity of existing multi family or nonresidential buildings.
3.   Accessory or temporary uses and structures.
4.   Reconstruction of conforming non-residential structures due to a natural disaster or emergency situations.
1.   All new nonresidential buildings.
2.   Renovations enlarging, by more than 25%, the bulk or capacity of existing multi family or nonresidential buildings.
3.   All planned development projects.
4.   Redevelopment Overlay District proposals.
5.   All new multi family projects.
6.   Development proposals made as a part of a rezoning request.
      (3)   In order to expedite the review of all applications and to inform the city of a development proposal in preparation, one or more preapplication conferences between the applicant and designated staff is required (unless specifically waived by star) to informally discuss the application requirements, procedures and details of the proposed development. Formal application or filing of a site plan is not required for a conference. A preliminary site plan is recommended for discussion purposes.
   (C)   Required information. The following information shall be required as part of any applications for site plan review, unless waived by the designated staff. Upon review by the Plan Commission, any information waived by staff may be required.
PROJECT NAME          _____________________________________________________________
PROJECT LOCATION        _____________________________________________________________
ILP/VARIANCE/GE&F #      ____________________
DATE OF PLANS          ____________________
      (1)   Any area map showing the relationship of the site to existing development in the area, adjoining zoning districts, streets, residential and commercial development, and physical features of the land within 200 feet of the site shall be shown. This includes the F.E.M.A. Flood Insurance Rate Map and Flood Boundary and Floodway Map information.
      (2)   Names and mailing addresses of all property owners within 200 feet of the site.
      (3)   Names and mailing addresses of the owner or owners of the site and the nature of the developer’s interest if the developer is not the owner.
      (4)   The size of the site including it’s legal description (metes and bounds) and a current certified survey showing existing contours (to be determined at preapplication conference).
      (5)   A site plan, drawn to scale, showing building locations, drives, parking areas, utility line locations, proposed contours (to be determined at preapplication conference) and dimensioned setbacks.
      (6)   The intensity of land use(s) indicated by acreage or square footage and percentages thereof for the following:
         (a)   Building coverage;
         (b)   Drives, walkways, and parking areas (all non-building impervious surfaces); and
         (c)   Open space.
      (7)   The use and height of all buildings and other proposed structures.
      (8)   The form of ownership of the proposed development.
      (9)   The provisions for open space, landscaping and buffering requirements.
      (10)   Storm water management plan, including water quality control and soil erosion control is required. This includes both, construction and post construction details. This plan shall also include a detailed, sequential restoration plan.
      (11)   If applicable, the provisions for compliance with all Subdivision Code requirements.
      (12)   A traffic impact analysis that includes average daily and peak hour estimates and proposed public right-of-way improvements.
      (13)   Drawings of proposed buildings, scale cross-sectional drawings showing proposed buildings and those on adjacent parcels and distances between them, representative floor plans indicating uses thereof, and exterior materials and colors that are being contemplated.
      (14)   In the case of plans which call for development over a period of years, a schedule showing the proposed timing of development phases and when building permit applications will be filed.
      (15)   Any additional information or drawings that the city or applicant believes is pertinent and will assist in clarifying the application, such as lighting plans, dumpster locations and preliminary sign program.
      (16)    Engineer’s statement that storm water velocities leaving the project property (after improvements) do not exceed existing velocities during a 25 year storm event. This must be stamped and signed off by a licensed engineer.
      (17)    Signage permit to be handled separate from this review.
      (18)    Cross-section plans showing cuts and fills. (Contour intervals to be determined at the pre-application conference.)
      (19)    Excavating quantities showing volumes of cuts and fills in cubic yard units. (Grading, Excavating and Fills Permit.)
      (20)    Geotechnical engineering report and recommendations. (To be determined at pre-application conference.)
      (21)    Erosion and sediment control plan and permit. (To be determined at pre-application conference.)
      (22)    I.N.D.O.T. Permit.
      (23)    D.N.R. Permit for Construction in a Floodway.
      (24)    Certified “As-built” Survey required before Occupancy Certificate can be issued.
      (25)    All parking, hard surface and/or areas of concern shall have an appropriately designed oil separator incorporated into the on site storm system.
   (D)   Amendments and modifications.
      (1)   Insignificant changes from an approved site plan review are permissible and the designated staff may grant such changes provided such change has no discernible impact on neighboring properties, the general public or those intended to occupy or use the proposed development. Such changes will not require reapplying nor additional fees. The staff may elect to submit the requested changes to the Plan Commission.
      (2)   All other requests for changes will be processed as a new application.
      (3)   A developer and/or property owner requesting changes shall submit to the designated staff a written request itemizing the proposed changes.
   (E)   Approvals. Approvals are valid for one year from the date the approval was granted. If at the end of one year no building permit has been issued, the approval shall be void.
   (F)   General regulations regarding site plan review.
      (1)   Site plan review and any approvals granted thereunder are not variances. Deviation from the provisions of this chapter cannot be granted by conducting a site plan review.
      (2)   Where applications for site plan review indicate that actions proposed therein or the manner in which they are proposed to be conducted do not meet the standards and requirements of this chapter and could not practically and reasonably be made to do so by the attachment of reasonable conditions and safeguards, such applications shall be denied.
   (G)   Notification requirements. The following notification requirements and procedures shall apply.
      (1)   Written notice, by certified mail, shall be sent to all property owners within 200 feet of the subject parcel(s), no less than ten days prior to the meeting date of the Plan Commission wherein the application will be reviewed. If the matter is continued to additional meetings, written notice may be sent to the same property owners at the discretion of the Plan Commission. Such notice shall state the date, time, place, and purpose of the meeting.
      (2)   Legal notice for the Plan Commission meeting shall be given by one publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the city at least ten days before the date of such hearing and state the same information as that required in the written notice and shall otherwise comply with I.C. 5-3-1.
(Ord. 99-14, passed 12-20-99; Am. Ord. 16-2003, passed 11-17-03)  Penalty, see § 154.19