(A)   Purpose. The purpose of this Planned Development District is to establish general regulations recognizing the limitations on development and its scale imposed by the location of the established street(s), topography of the area, and proximity to Tanners Creek.
   (B)   Regulations. The regulations set forth in this section, or elsewhere in this chapter when referred to in this section, are the district regulations for the “B/GM” Planned Development District. For additional supplemental use, height and area regulations refer to § 154.38.
   (C)   Principal permitted uses.
      (1)   Permitted uses in the “B” and “GM” Districts, except § 154.26(B)(8).
      (2)   More than one principal structure is permitted in this district.
   (D)   Accessory buildings and uses.  Accessory uses customarily incidental to a permitted use.
   (E)   Lot, area and height regulations.
      (1)   Lot size. There is no minimum lot size or width requirement.
      (2)   Area.
         (a)   Front yard.  There shall be a front yard of no less than the average established by the existing buildings. The front yard requirement, as applied to parking, shall be determined in the same manner. Building additions can be no closer than the existing structure.
         (b)   Side yard.  No side yard is required except on a side adjoining a residence district, in which case the side yard shall be no less than 50 feet and applying to both building and parking.
         (c)   Rear yard. The rear yard requirement is the same as that required for the side yard.
      (3)   Height. No building shall exceed three stories or 45 feet in height, except as provided in § 154.38 Additional Use, Height and Area Regulations.
   (F)   Applicable requirements. Refer to § 154.39 Landscaping; Buffering; Screening, for applicable requirements.
(Ord. 99-14, passed 12-20-99; Am. Ord. 16-2003, passed 11-17-03)  Penalty, see § 154.19