(A)   Regulations. The regulations set forth in this section, or set forth elsewhere in this chapter when referred to in this section, are the district regulations for the “E” District. For additional supplemental use, height, and area regulations refer to § 154.38.
   (B)   Principal permitted uses
      (1)   Public elementary, junior and high schools.
      (2)   More than one principal structure is permitted in this district.
   (C)   Accessory buildings and uses.
      (1)   Playgrounds.
      (2)   Running tracks and athletic fields.
      (3)   Buildings housing mechanical equipment.
      (4)   Other accessory uses customarily incidental to the operation of a school.
   (D)   Lot, area and height requirements.
      (1)   Lot size. The minimum lot size for any school is three acres.
      (2)   Yard requirements.
         (a)   All structures, parking areas and active recreational/athletic uses shall be no less than 30 feet from any adjoining residential property line or public street right-of-way.
         (b)   If facilities are to be illuminated for night use, those facilities are to be no less than 75 feet from the adjoining residential property line and the lighting fixture designed, located and installed to avoid glare onto the adjoining residential property.
      (3)   Maximum height. The maximum height of any buildings or structures shall be three stories or 45 feet, except as provided in § 154.38 Additional Use, Height and Area Regulations.
   (E)   Applicable requirements. Refer to § 154.39 Landscaping; Buffering; Screening, for applicable requirements.
   (F)   Signage requirements are the same as specified in § 154.40(E).
(Ord. 99-14, passed 12-20-99; Am. Ord. 16-2003, passed 11-17-03)  Penalty, see § 154.19