(A)   No opening or excavation shall be made under the provisions of this subchapter until a permit therefor has been duly granted as provided in this subchapter.  In case of an emergency, the person making a cut shall be required to take out a permit on the first day that the Clerk-Treasurer's office is open following the making of such cut, and the permit, when issued, shall be effective retroactive to the date the excavation was started.
   (B)   No permit shall be required for the setting or erection of a utility pole, guy wire, or an anchor or streetlight standard by a public utility doing business in the city, which utility is subject to the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission.
   (C)   No other permit issued pursuant to any other provision of this code or other ordinance of the city shall be construed to be a substitute for the permit required under this subchapter.
(`94 Code, § 95.60)