The following schedule shall apply to all fees under the jurisdiction of this chapter.  Permit fees may be waived by staff for non-profit, public entities and special circumstances.
   (A)   Zoning fees.
      (1)   Zone change (map amendment):
         (a)   Without a corresponding development proposal:   $250 plus the cost of generating a new map;
         (b)   With a corresponding development proposal:      $250 plus $50 per acre of proposed development plus the cost of generating a new map;
      (2)   Text amendment:                     $250.
      (3)   Site plan review:                     $30 per half hour of review, not to exceed $500 plus $50 per acre of proposed development.
      (4)   Conditionally permitted uses:               $250 plus $50 per acre of proposed development.
      (5)   Variances:                        $250.
      (6)   Certificate of appropriateness:               $15.
      (7)   Home occupation:                     $15.
      (8)   Residential zoning certificates:
         (a)   Single family residence:               $40.
         (b)   Multiple family residence (per unit):         $40.
         (c)   Additions (per unit):                  $40.
         (d)   Accessory structures with foundations:         $25.
            Without foundations:               $15.
         (e)   Swimming pools:                  $15.
         (f)   Walls, fences, walks and driveways:          $15.
         (g)   Decks:                      $15.
         (h)   Antennas and satellite dishes:             $15.
         (i)   Signs:                        $25 plus $0.50/SF of sign face over 32 SF
         (j)   Signs; face change (one fee per property):       $15.
         (k)   Signs; temporary:                   $15.
         (l)   Parking lots (new; restriping):             $20.
         (m)   Parks and recreation fee:               $150/unit.
      (9)   Nonresidential zoning certificates:
         (a)   Buildings and additions (per unit):
            0 - 1000 SF                      $60.
            1001 - 2000 SF                   $80.
            2001 - 10,000 SF                   $0.04/SF
            10,001 SF or more                   $400 plus $0.02/per SF over 10,000 SF
         (b)   Tents, awnings and marquees:             $40.
         (c)   Pools/storage tanks:                $60.
         (d)   Antennas and satellite dishes:             $40.
         (e)   Walls and fences:                   $40.
         (f)   Signs and billboards:                $50 plus $0.50/SF of sign face over 32 SF.
         (g)   Signs; face change:                  $35.
         (h)   Signs; temporary:                   $30.
         (i)   Parking lots (new; restriping):            $50.
         (j)   Landfill and excavation (land use only):         $500.
         (k)   Gravel mining:                   $250.
         (l)   Commercial alterations (change in parking
            requirements):                   $75.
         (m)   Commercial alterations (same tenant,
            no additional parking required):             No fee.
         (n)   Tenant change/new tenant (verify no
            change in parking required):             $25.
         (o)   New telecommunications towers and
            facilities                     $5,000.
         (p)   Co-locate on existing telecommunications
            towers and facilities                  $2,000.
         (q)   Mural                        $50.
       (10)   Miscellaneous zoning certificates:
         (a)   Nonconforming use certificate:             $25.
         (b)   Refusal (letter, application processing, etc.):       $25.
         (c)   Letter of certification:                $15.
         (d)   Enforcement violation:                 Double the fee.
         (e)   Mobile food vendors permit            $100
       (11)   Any item not addressed above shall be charged a minimum fee of:     $25 plus an additional fee of $25 for each additional half hour of staff time.
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