A.   Connection: Any person, other than a subdivider or developer seeking multiple connections, who desires or is required to secure a new connection to the city water system, shall file with the water department for each such connection a written and signed connection application, which is on file in the office of the water department.
   B.   Connection By Subdividers: Whenever a subdivider or developer desires or is required to install water connections and extensions for a subdivision or development, the subdivider or developer shall enter into a written extension agreement, which shall constitute an application for permission to make the extensions and connections, and an agreement specifying the terms and conditions under which the water extensions and connections shall be made and the payments that shall be required. (Ord. 2007-33, 12-19-2007)
   C.   Service: Except as otherwise provided by resolution, any business or person who desires or is required to secure water service when such service is available from the city water system, shall: (Ord. 2010-08, 10-6-2010)
      1.   File with the water department a written application and agreement for utility services (including, but not limited to, water service), a copy of which shall be on file in the office of the water department.
      2.   If said business or person is a tenant of the owner of the premises for which service is sought, file with said application and agreement, an agreement signed by the owner of the premises (or the owner's duly authorized agent) guaranteeing payment of tenant's utility services. A copy of such agreement shall be on file in the office of the water department.
      3.   Provide a refundable cash deposit of two hundred dollars ($200.00) as security for the full and timely payment of utility services (including, but not limited to, water service).
         a.   The city shall not be obligated to apply the deposit on or towards: 1) any delinquent utility charges or 2) any delinquency related fees related thereto (as defined in subsection 8-1-3A of this chapter). The applicant shall be expected to timely pay, in full, his, her, or its utility charges each month, regardless of whether such deposit monies remain on deposit with the city.
         b.   Application of the deposit sum, or any portion thereof, towards any arrears of utility charges and/or associated delinquency related fees shall be at the option of the city; and the right of the city to terminate water service for nonpayment of utility charges and/or any associated delinquency related fees shall not be restricted or otherwise affected by the city's receipt and maintenance of such cash deposit.
         c.   Any and all interest earned on the deposit sum shall be and remain the property of the city to help defray the city's costs of monitoring, maintaining, and administering such deposit.
         d.   At applicant's request, the deposit may be returned to applicant (or applicant's duly authorized agent) or applied to applicant's utility billing account as a credit, without interest, at any time after two (2) years from the later of: 1) the date that such monies are placed on deposit with the city or 2) the most recent date that any delinquent payment of utilities and associated delinquency related fees have been paid in full.
         e.   Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection C3d of this section, a deposit may be returned to the applicant at any time that the water service account is terminated, even if two (2) years have not elapsed since the date of deposit or most recent late payment, provided, that all outstanding utility charges (including any and all arrears and associated delinquency related charges) are paid in full.
         f.   Notwithstanding any other provision of this subsection, the security deposit provided for herein may be waived for an applicant with a record of timely payments of utility services to the city. For purposes of this subsection, "timely payments" shall mean that the applicant has previously received utility service(s) from the city for a period of not less than two (2) years and that, during at least the last two (2) years of said period, the applicant was not late in the payment of utility charges to the city. (Ord. 2007-33, 12-19-2007)