10.132.070   “F” Definitions.
   Family. One or more persons, related or unrelated, living together as a single housekeeping unit with common access to, and common use of, all living and eating areas and all areas and facilities for the preparation and storage of food within the dwelling unit.
   Fee Schedule. A complete listing of fees for the City of La Puente, as established by resolution by the Council.
   Fence. An artificially constructed barrier of any material (including shrubbery) or combination of materials erected to enclose or screen areas of land (see Figure 9-4). See also “Wall.”
Figure 9-4
   Financial Institutions and Related Services. A bank, savings and loan, credit union, or other financial institution that provides retail banking services to individuals and businesses. These uses include only those institutions engaged in the on-site circulation of cash money.
   Fire Station. Structure or other area set aside for storage of firefighting apparatus (i.e., fire engines and related vehicles), personal protective equipment, fire hose, fire extinguishers, and other fire extinguishing equipment. See also “Government Facilities”.
   Floor Area, Gross. The gross floor area of a structure shall consist of the total enclosed square footage of all floors measured to the outside face of the exterior walls, and including halls, stairways, service and mechanical equipment rooms, internal shafts, and attic areas having a height of more than six feet six inches. Gross floor area does not include garages and basements.
   Floor Area, Net. The area included within the surrounding walls of a structure, exclusive of vent shafts, elevator shafts, stairways, exterior corridors or balconies, rooms containing only mechanical and electrical equipment used for service of the structure, utility shafts and parking.
   Food Processing. Establishments engaged in the manufacturing or processing of food or beverages for wholesale distribution.
   Fortunetelling. See Chapter 5.28 (Fortunetelling).
   Funeral Homes and Mortuaries. Establishments engaged in the provision of service involving the care, preparation, or disposition of human dead other than in cemeteries. May or may not include crematories and/or mortuaries. No internment is provided on site. May include areas for assembly services and living quarters for funeral home/mortuary manager (see “Caretaker Residence”).
(Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015; Ord. 939 § 5, 2016)