10.34.100   General Development Standards for All On-site Signs.
   A.   Location. All signs and/or other advertising shall only be located on the same lot, parcel of land, property, or premises with the structure or use for which such signs or other advertising are intended to serve, except as permitted pursuant to Section 10.34.070.A (Exempt Signs) and permitted Electronic Display Billboards pursuant to Section 10.34.170 (Electronic Display Billboards).
   B.   Restricted from Public Rights-of-Way. All signs and/or other advertising shall not project or be located within any portion of a public right-of-way, except as otherwise specifically provided for in this Chapter.
   C.   Landscape Area Required. Freestanding signs shall be located within a landscaped planting area.
   D.   Electrical Equipment. Any electrical service provided for signs and/or other advertising shall be installed and located underground and shall be completely concealed from exterior exposure.
   E.   Uniform Style for Identification Signs. Building identification signs within an integrated development shall be designed to be uniform in location, design, and construction. (Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)