10.34.050   Definitions.
   For the purposes of this Chapter, unless otherwise apparent from the context, the following sign definitions shall apply:
   Advertising sign means a sign that promotes events or activities or uses, products, or services obtainable on the premises through the use of words, letters, symbols, or combination thereof.
   Attachment means a structural device needed for keeping a sign fixed to the ground, wall, or other allowed location.
   Awning means a structure attached to, and projecting from, a building wall for aesthetic and shade purposes.Awnings typically consist of a frame covered with fabric, vinyl, or metal and are generally placed over windows and doors. Awnings are generally not constructed as an integral part of the structure but rather are attached after the structure is complete.
   Balloon display means an arrangement of one or more inflated balloons, tethered at a fixed location and primarily intended to draw attention to that location.
   Banner means a sheet made of cloth, vinyl, or similar lightweight, flexible material (except paper) attached to or suspended from any structure, building, staff, pole, line, framing, or other projection generally displayed for advertising purposes. This definition does not include a flag.
   Billboard means a permanent structure used for the display of off-site commercial messages which are not related to the provision of services or the sale of products available on the subject site, as well as used for the display of noncommercial messages, including public service announcements.
   Bulletin board means a repository board for posting notices, advertisements, or messages of a private or public purpose.
   Center means commercial, industrial, professional, or business structures and associated facilities that have been designed and developed together as an integrated unit, sharing common parking facilities. A “center” may consist of several different uses within a single structure or several different structures.
   Commercial sign means any sign that directly or indirectly names, advertises, or calls attention to a business, product, service, or other commercial or similar business activity.
   Copy means the specific text, words, letters, or numbers used for advertising a product, service or event.
   Cutout means every type of display in the form of letters, figures, characters, representations, or others that extend beyond the primary billboard sign face or irregular forms attached to or superimposed upon a billboard.
   Electronic display billboard- means a billboard electronic or digital technology- including but not limited to LED (light emitting diodes) or CED (charge emitting diodes) or plasma, or their functional equivalent-which is capable of displaying images that change electronically and intermittently.
   Flag means a piece of cloth or bunting with definitive colors, patterns, or symbolic devices, used as a symbol for a nation, governmental entity, religious entity, or other organization and not containing a commercial message.
   Height of a sign means the vertical distance measured from the grade level closest to the bottom of the sign or sign support to the highest point of the sign structure, frame, or uppermost portion of any copy, whichever is higher. See Figure 3-10.
Figure 3-10
Height of a Sign
   Letter height means the vertical distance from the lowest point to the highest point of any letter or other piece of copy used in a sign.
   Logo means a symbol, character or emblem representing an identifiable trademark, corporate entity, or marketable product.
   Master sign program means sign criteria intended to provide uniformity and consistency among the signs in a commercial or industrial development with multiple tenants by regulating the type, number, location, size, style, or color of signs permitted in the development.
   Multiple-tenant development means a commercial or industrial development designed and/or constructed and/or operated as a single project and containing not less than two separate uses in separate structures or in the same structure.
   Mural means an artistic painting on a wall or other vertical surface, generally of large size and intended to be viewed from a distance. A mural does not contain a commercial message.
   Noncommercial sign means any sign which is not determined to be a commercial sign.
   Pennant means a banner or similar device typically triangular in shape that is used to attract attention to a product or location for advertising purposes.
   Supporting structure means any device such as a pole, column, wall, or similar contrivance used to secure a sign in a vertical position for viewing.
   Sign means any device intended for visual communication and that contains any announcement, declaration, demonstration, insignia, banner, pennant, illustration, or graphic used to advertise or promote the interest of any person, business, group, or enterprise.
   Sign, A-frame means a freestanding portable sign that is mounted on a frame that widens on the bottom, forming a shape similar to the letter “A” when viewed from the side. See Figure 3-11 - Types of Signs.
   Sign area means the cumulative area enclosed by parallel vertical and parallel horizontal lines encompassing each letter, logo, graphic, or other element of a two-dimensional sign message, as determined by the Director. For signs on a panel, board, or cabinet that is removable from the structure to which such panel, board, or cabinet is mounted (such as cabinet signs or projecting signs), the sign area shall equal the area of the panel, board, or cabinet face. See Figure 3-12 - Measurement of Sign Area.
   Sign, awning or canopy means a sign attached to, painted on, or applied to an awning or canopy that is attached to a structure. See Figure 3-11 Types of Signs.
   Sign, business tenant means a changeable letter board or similar noncommercial sign erected for the purpose of identifying for visitors the current tenants of a building and their office locations within a multitenant office building.
   Sign, cabinet means a sign generally characterized by a singular metal cabinet with a plexiglass or plastic sign face that contains the entire sign message. Lighting elements are usually installed in the interior of the cabinet to provide backlighting for the sign. See Figure 3-11 - Types of Signs.
   Sign, changeable copy means a sign where letters, graphics, logo or messages are affixed in such a manner that they may be easily changed without affecting the sign structure. This definition does not include electronic display billboards.
   Sign, directory means a sign that lists the tenants of a particular development by name and address and/or unit number. Directory signs usually are oriented toward and intended for viewing by off-street vehicle traffic and/or pedestrians.
   Sign, electronic changeable face or digital changeable face means a sign that uses any manner of lights, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs), fiber optics, lights bulbs, or other illumination devices, to create a commercial message - with text and/or images - within the sign display area. Electronic changeable face signs include computer programmable, microprocessor controlled electronic, or digital displays.
   Sign, electronic readerboard means a sign that uses any manner of lights, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs), fiber optics, lights bulbs, or other illumination devices, to create a non-commercial text-only message within the sign display area.
   Sign face means the surface upon which a sign message may be applied. The sign face may be greater than the sign area if the all of the available sign face is not utilized for the copy.
   Sign, freestanding means a sign that is supported by a structure other than a building and permanently fixed in or upon the ground, such as pylon signs and monument signs. See Figure 3-11 - Types of Signs.
   Sign, hand-held means any temporary commercial message sign which is held by a person and which may or may not advertise a business located on the premises where the person is holding that sign.
   Sign, lighted means a sign that is illuminated by an internal, external, or indirect light source.
   Sign, marquee means a sign placed on a building marquee, generally found at theaters, and provides for changeable copy.
   Sign, menu board means a sign, either detached or attached to a structure for a business providing drive-through service, displaying the type and price of the commodities sold in connection with the drive-through service and located adjacent to and oriented toward the drive-through lane.
   Sign, monument means a freestanding sign that is supported by an enclosed structure that has at least the same length and width as the sign face it supports. See Figure 3-11 - Types of Signs.
   Sign, name means a sign containing the name and/or address of the occupant of the premises.
   Sign, neon means a sign containing electric gas tube lighting such as argon, neon, krypton, helium, or xenon.
   Sign, non-commercial means a sign that does not advertise, identify or otherwise direct attention to a product or business but instead conveys an opinion, idea, concept or similar message.
   Sign, nonconforming means any sign that does not conform to all applicable requirement and limitations of this Chapter.
   Sign, off-premises. See “Billboard.”
   Sign, on-premises means a sign that advertises or identifies businesses, services, goods, persons, or events that are on the same lot, parcel, property, or center on which the sign is located.
   Sign, painted means any sign that has a message, illustration, graphic, or copy that is painted directly onto a sign face, wall, or other surface.
   Sign, permanent means a sign intended to be erected and maintained for a period of time in excess of 90 days.
   Sign plan means elevations, site plan, structural, and/or electrical drawings illustrating the design, size, materials, colors, and location of a proposed sign(s) and the method of attachment to the building, structure, or ground.
   Sign, pole means a permanent freestanding sign which is supported entirely by a single pole, post or upright that is narrower than the message board that it supports. See Figure 3-11 - Types of Signs.
   Sign, political means a noncommercial sign promoting a candidate for political office or a measure scheduled for election.
   Sign, portable means a freestanding sign that is not permanently affixed, anchored, or secured to either the ground or an immovable structure.
   Sign, projecting means a sign that projects from and is supported by a wall or structure with the display surface of the sign typically at or near a 90 degree angle to the structure facade.
   Sign, public utility means a sign providing information, directions, or warnings regarding public utilities facilities such as gas, water, sewer lines or electricity.
   Sign, pylon means a permanent freestanding sign which is supported entirely by two or more pole(s), post(s), or upright(s) that are narrower than the message board that it supports. See Figure 3-10 - Types of Signs.
   Sign, service station price means a sign at a gasoline service station that indicates the fuel grade designation, price per gallon of gasoline or other motor vehicle fuel offered for sale, and the method of sale and such other information as may be required by State law.
   Sign, street-oriented freestanding means a freestanding sign that is designed and constructed with the intention of attracting the attention of motorists on adjacent streets and highways to the occupant, tenant, or the products or services offered on the property on which the sign is located.
   Sign, temporary means a sign intended to be displayed for a period of time not to exceed 90 days.
   Sign, tenant identification wall means a sign attached to the wall of a building or structure in a plane parallel or approximately parallel to the plane of such wall or structure that identifies the business located within the building or, in the case of a residential use of property, the current residents of building or group of buildings.
   Sign, vehicle means a sign painted or placed on a vehicle for the purpose of advertising a business, product or service. See Figure 3-11 - Types of Signs.
   Sign, wall means a sign fastened parallel to a wall and which the letters, cabinet, or other part of the sign structure does not project more than 18 inches from the building or structure. See Figure 3-11 - Types of Signs.
   Sign, window means any sign painted, attached, glued or otherwise affixed to the inside or outside of a window or any glazed surface of any structure or are located in such a manner as to be clearly visible outside of a structure. See Figure 3-11 - Types of Signs.
   Streamer means a line of ribbons or small flags generally suspended over a property to attract attention.
   Structure, sign means a structure of any kind erected or maintained to support any sign, poster, bill, printing, painting, or other advertising device. For purposes of this definition, a freestanding wall may be considered a sign structure if it is used to support a sign.
   Twirler means any streamer, ribbon, propeller, or similar device meant to attract attention to a product or service.
   Tivoli lights means a string of small lights consisting of clear or non-colored bulbs that are not more than one inch in length used for decoration purposes.
Figure 3-11
Types of Signs
Figure 3-12
Measurement of Sign Area
(Ord. 935 § 3 (part), 2015)