Chapter 10.30
Off-Street Parking and Loading
10.30.010   Purpose.
10.30.020   Applicability.
10.30.030   Permit Requirements.
10.30.040   Exemptions.
10.30.050   Nonconforming Parking for Detached Single-family Dwellings.
10.30.060   Off-Street Parking Space Requirements.
10.30.070   Parking Space and Drive Aisle Dimensions.
10.30.080   Parking in the R-E, R-1, and R-2 Zones.
10.30.090   Parking Lot Location.
10.30.100   Parking Lot and Structure Design Considerations.
10.30.110   Shared Parking.
10.30.120   Compact and Tandem Parking.
10.30.130   Maintenance of Off-Street Parking Facilities.
10.30.140   Prohibition on Commercial Vehicle Parking in Residential Zones.
10.30.150   Parking Restrictions in Commercial Zones.
10.30.160   Parking Lot Landscaping.
10.30.170   Bicycle Parking Requirements.
10.30.180   Off-Street Loading Requirements.
10.30.190   Downtown Business District Specific Plan.