The following procedures are based on those contained in §§ 153.020 through 153.045.  These sections shall be read in a manner consistent with the procedures as outlined herein.  If the timeline as in all sections are in conflict with these procedures, these procedures shall apply and take precedence.
   (A)   Step 1: Application.  The applicant shall:
      (1)   Make written application.
      (2)   Pay the required fee.
      (3)   Submit preliminary plat.  This may include entire proposed subdivision and a preliminary proposed outline of the entire subdivision with specifics for the initial phase.
         (a)   The preliminary plat will show potential lots and potential streets.
         (b)   The initial phase will have all the necessary technical data for complete review which will include actual plotted lots, streets, storm water and drainage references.
         (c)   The developer may include the entire plat of the entire subdivision or based on phase which is a general overview in the preliminary plat regarding the entire subdivision.  Subsequent phases must show how the technical data regarding drainage, etc. will tie into the initial phase constructed for all previous stages.
   (B)   Step 2: Staff review.
      (1)   Upon receipt of the application for subdivision proposal, the staff shall review application within 30 days for technical conformity and return marked copies to the applicant for corrections.
      (2)   After the correction of any application, the staff will refer the same to the Plat Committee for review.
   (C)   Step 3: Plat Committee review.  Review to be based on technical conformity requirements of the ordinance, drainage issues, septic and any other technical requirements.
   (D)   Step 4: Staff action.  After a Plat Committee review, the staff will set this matter for public hearing.  The applicant will publish notice of the public hearing and notify adjoining landowners.  The applicant will further provide a copy of any plans in sufficient number for all members of the Plan Commission for review.
   (E)   Step 5: Plan Commission, preliminary review.
      (1)   Applicant will submit preliminary sketches of subdivision proposals.
      (2)   Plan Commission will review for drainage issues, ingress and egress issues.
      (3)   Plan Commission will further review for appropriateness of subdivision in this location and generally any points to be concerned about for a subdivision development.
      (4)   Preliminary approval.
   (F)   Step 6: Plan Commission action, primary approval.
      (1)   Prepare completed subdivision plans with copies to all Plan Commission members ten days before such Plan Commission hearing.  Such plans will also include constructions, drawings and topographical surveys as completed.
      (2)   The developer is to provide notice to adjoining landowners and of public hearing if applicable if at the hearing on the preliminary approval did not specify a continuation date.
         (a)   If the Plan Commission grants primary plat approval it shall:
            1.   Make written findings.
            2.   Sign the Commission decision.
            3.   Set the amounts for appropriate bond and the date for completion of improvements.
         (b)   If the Plan Commission disapproves the primary plat it shall:
            1.   Make written findings.
            2.   Sign the Commission decision.
   (G)   Step 7: County Commissioners final approval.
      (1)   The plat must be submitted to the County Commissioners within one year from the primary approval from the Plan Commission.
      (2)   The applicant must have certification from the Building Commissioner that the plat is the same as approved by the Plan Commission.
      (3)   The County Commissioners determine road bonds based on the recommendation of the County Highway Engineer and action to be taken by the developer.
      (4)   The developer must provide notice of a public hearing before the Commissioners before the approval of such subdivision.
   (H)   Step 8: Recordation.
      (1)   The applicant must record such approval within 60 days from final approval by the County Commissioners.
      (2)   The applicant must provide a recorded copy to the Building Commissioner.
(`88 Code, §8-6, Exhibit A)  (Ord. 98-20, passed 11-10-98; Am. Ord. 2005-11, passed 9-6-05)