(A)   Whenever any subdivision of land lying within the jurisdiction of the Commission is proposed, before any permit for the erection of a structure in the proposed subdivision shall be granted, the subdividing owner, or his or her authorized agent, shall apply for and secure approval of the proposed subdivision in accordance with the following procedure, described further in § 153.021 and in the remainder of this subchapter:
      (1)   Application (I.C. 36-7-4-703);
      (2)   Staff review (I.C. 36-7-4-705);
      (3)   Plan Commission:  preliminary review;
      (4)   Plan Commission:  primary approval (I.C. 36-7-4-707(a));
      (5)   Plan Commission:  secondary approval (I.C. 36-7-4-710(a)); and
      (6)   County Commissioners:  final approval.
   (B)   A subdivider shall submit a written application therefor to the Plan Commission.  The application shall be accompanied by the information, requirements, and plans set forth in § 153.023.
(`88 Code, § 8-78)  (Ord. 98-20, passed 11-10-98)