(A)   The County Highway Department is hereby directed to enforce the following requirements.
      (1)   Any object within the obstruction free zone of any county road, or any road to be accepted by the county, shall meet the requirements of the U.S. Postal Service as well as the obstruction free zone regulation of the County Highway Department, hereinafter referred to as the Highway Department.
      (2)   Objects not meeting these regulations may be found to be road hazards, including, but not limited to, those objects presently located within the obstruction free zone.  Any object that the county finds to be hazardous shall be removed by the owner upon notification by the county.  Specifications for this notification can be found within the referenced county regulation.
      (3)   All objects constructed or placed within the obstruction free zone, on or after the effective date of this code, shall comply with the regulations herein referenced.
      (4)   If an existing object is within the obstruction free zone of a road which has been requested for acceptance by the county, and is allowed to remain in place, the road will not be accepted by the county.
      (5)   A permit to work in the right-of-way must be obtained prior to the installation or construction of any light or utility poles within the county right-of-way.
   (B)   (1)   When the County Highway Department discovers or is given notice of a violation, the Highway Department shall give 30 days notice, by certified mail, to the owner of the property upon which the violation exists. 
      (2)   If the violation is maintained beyond the time specified in the violation notice letter, then the Highway Department reserves the right, after giving an additional 30 days notice of removal by certified mail, to remove the obstructing object, with the cost of removal to be paid by the owner.
(Ord. 97-26, passed 10-14-97)  Penalty, see § 70.99