(A)   The maximum allowable bather load of a public spa shall not exceed one person for each three feet of the inner edge of the spa or hot tub seat or bench.
   (B)   Every spray ground shall be maintained and operated in a clean, safe and sanitary manner at all times. Spray ground recirculation and chemical disinfection equipment shall be operated continuously. Ultraviolet light disinfection units shall be operated in accordance with approved plans and specifications.
   (C)   Spray ground equipment and appurtenances shall be operated and maintained in accordance with approved plans and specifications.
   (D)   Cracks in the spray pad and/or decking shall be repaired when they may be a potential for leakage, present a tripping hazard, a potential cause of lacerations, or impact the ability to properly clean and maintain the spray pad area.
   (E)   Drain grates shall be secured in place at all times. Broken or missing drain grates shall be repaired or replaced before the spray pad is used.
   (F)   Inlets shall be adjusted to produce uniform circulation of water and to facilitate the maintenance of a uniform disinfectant residual throughout the spray pad treatment tank.
   (G)   The water level in the spray pad treatment tank shall be maintained continuously by an automatic level control system.
   (H)   The deck shall be kept clean and free of puddled water. Glass containers are prohibited from the spray pad and all deck areas.
   (I)   At the beginning of each day prior to use and at other times when needed, the spray pad must be adequately cleaned and flushed to remove any materials or contaminants on the surface of the spray pad. The water must be flushed to waste and not discharged into the spray pad treatment tank. Flushing may be accomplished by use of a hose supplied with potable water or by operation of the spray features providing it adequately flushes the entire pad surface and is discharged to waste.
   (J)   The spray pad treatment tank shall be completely drained and cleaned at a frequency necessary to maintain water quality.
   (K)   All spray grounds shall be equipped with a recirculation system which includes filtration and disinfection facilities to provide water quality consistent with the bacteriological, chemical and physical standards required in § 92.22. The filtration and chemical treatment systems for the spray pad treatment tank must operate 24 hours a day.
(`88 Code, § 6-188)  (Ord. 94-16, passed 8-15-94; Am. Ord. 15, passed 8-5-08)  Penalty, see § 92.99