(A)   A public pool that does not meet the applicable bacteriological quality standards enumerated in § 92.26 is a health hazard. Failure to meet these requirements shall constitute grounds for closure.
   (B)   The right is reserved to close any public swimming pool in the event of any epidemic or threatened epidemic of disease which the Department may have reason to believe may be transmitted through the use of the facility, or because of continued failure to meet the facility water sampling or water quality requirements established by this chapter. Failure to make necessary corrections within a specified length of time after notification shall constitute grounds for closure. The facility shall remain closed until the problems have been corrected to the satisfaction of the Department.
   (C)   The Health Officer may temporarily close for use any public swimming pool whenever any of the following conditions occur. Such pool shall not reopen for use until the condition has been brought into compliance.
      (1)   The amount of residual disinfectant is less than the minimum amounts specified in § 92.25.
      (2)   The microbiological quality of the pool is below that specified in § 92.26.
      (3)   The pH of the pool does not comply with provisions of section § 92.25.
      (4)   The clarity of the water does not comply with the provisions of § 92.27.
      (5)   Pool attendants are not employed as required in § 92.23.
      (6)   There is a malfunction or non-function of the recirculation system.
      (7)   There is any other condition which may endanger the health, safety, or welfare of persons using the pool, spa or spray ground.
(`88 Code, § 6-181)  (Ord. 94-16, passed 8-15-94; Am. Ord. 15, passed 8-5-08) Penalty, see § 92.99