The following are reimbursable travel expenses for LaPorte County employees:
   (A)   Travel.
      (1)   No overnight room accommodations less than 50 miles from either courthouse unless pre- approved by the Commissioners.
      (2)   Receipt is required.
      (3)   Prior approval before any attendance is necessary from the Commissioners with all rates specified.
   (B)   Meals.
      (1)   Not to exceed $30 per day including room service if used.
      (2)   An itemized receipt with food detail purchase is required. Alcohol will not be included.
      (3)   A 15% tip is allowed additionally if the same is listed on the receipt.
   (C)   Mileage.
      (1)   Reimbursement for mileage will only be measured from either courthouse or the specific office building, if not the courthouse, for which the employee is working.
      (2)   Mileage to Indianapolis is preset at 300 miles.
      (3)   Actual mileage sheets must be submitted with the claim to include beginning and ending places and dates.
      (4)   If two or more employees ride together, only one may claim mileage.
   (D)   Other reimbursable expenses.
      (1)   Jury. County employees will not be paid for jury duty but will be paid their regular salary. Jury pay will be paid extra only if the employee is required to serve as a juror in another county.
      (2)   Clothing.
         (a)   Clothing is a separate budget line item. Claims for clothing will not be allowed unless a budgetary line item has been approved for that department or office. Specific receipts must be provided.
         (b)   The Auditor may refuse payment of any claims which do not meet the requirements specified herein.
      (3)   Mileage.
         (a)   Mileage will not be paid to attend the official meetings of the Commissioners or Council. All board members in every department shall receive mileage for site visits only.
         (b)   Mileage may be claimed if the Commissioners or Council have an official meeting at a location other than their normal or regularly scheduled meeting place and the employee is directed to attend. Such mileage, however, shall be measured from the employee’s place of business to the new meeting location.
      (4)   Meals. In the event there is a county business event scheduled within the county and a meal may be involved, the event and expenditure must be approved in advance by the Commissioners and the Council.
      (5)   Claims.
         (a)   Any claim that does not have the necessary receipts or paperwork to verify the claim will be returned to the applicable department to be completed and will be processed the following month.
         (b)   Any exceptions to this section must be by joint approval between the Commissioners and the Council.
         (c)   There will be no payment of claims, meals or any other travel expenses or expenditure for a spouse unless the same has been pre- approved by the Commissioners and the Council.
(Res. 2008-11, passed 9-2-08)
   Mileage allowance, see also § 31.06