§ 156.17  INSPECTION.
   (A)    The MS4 Coordinator shall make inspections as required and either shall approve that portion of the work completed or shall notify the permittee that the work fails to comply with the approved ESCP.
   (B)   To initiate inspections, the permittee shall notify the MS4 Coordinator in writing, at least two working days before each of the following:
      (1)   Start of construction;
      (2)   Completion of site clearing;
      (3)   Close of construction season;
      (4)   Commencement of work when the site has been dormant for at least 15 calendar days; and
      (5)   Completion of final landscaping.
   (C)   The permittee shall make regular inspections of all control measures in accordance with 327 IAC 15-5-7. The purpose of such inspections will be to determine the overall effectiveness of the control plan and the need for additional correctional measures.
(Ord. 2007-07, passed 4-17-07)