(A)   The occupant of every residence shall provide himself or herself with a sufficient number of receptacles made of substantial nonrusting metal or plastic, in which to deposit all garbage and small refuse which may accumulate on his or her premises during the usual interval between the collection of garbage. Each receptacle shall be provided with handles or bails, a tight fitting cover made of the same material as the receptacle, and shall be water tight, nonabsorbent and rodent proof. They shall be of a size that can be conveniently handled by one collector and not to exceed a holding capacity of 32 gallons. There shall be no limit as to the number of receptacles each occupant may have and all receptacles shall be kept in a reasonably clean and sanitary condition. Receptacles of over 32 gallons capacity, or without lids or with bottoms which have rusted through or which otherwise fail to comply with the requirements of this chapter, shall be tagged with a label condemning them for use and nothing shall be collected therefrom. No receptacle for garbage shall be used for burning and no receptacle so used shall be emptied by the town personnel.
   (B)   All wet garbage shall have the liquid drained off and shall be wrapped in paper or other material before it is placed in the garbage receptacle to prevent smell and the breeding of flies in the summer and freezing and adhesion to the container in winter.
   (C)   All occupants of residences shall place their receptacles in the position on the premises as to be easily accessible to the garbage collector.
   (D)   No set time is to be set in a certain section or street on any given days, as garbage collection is made on a continuous rotating basis.
   (E)   An extra collection of refuse will be made upon request, but must be placed so as to be accessible for loading into a truck.
   (F)   Limbs will be chipped upon request in large quantities, but must be placed at street side in stacks or rows not to exceed five feet in height, with butts or large ends placed toward the street.
   (G)   Leaves will be collected upon request, but must be placed at street side or placed so as to be accessible to the collection truck.
   (H)   Building materials and debris will not be collected by the town, but special arrangements for vehicles and disposal can be made.
(Prior Code, § 7-7)