21.110.010 Purpose.
   (a)   The city recognizes that certain uses, due to the nature of use, intensity, or size, require special review to determine if the use proposed, or the location of that use, is compatible with surrounding uses, or through the imposition of development and use conditions, can be made compatible with surrounding uses. The conditional use permit is provided for this purpose.
   (b)   To ensure compatibility with zoning regulations and surrounding properties, conditional uses require special consideration. The planning commission is empowered to grant and deny applications for conditional use permits and to impose reasonable conditions upon the granting of such permit.
   (c)   Applications for conditional use permits may be submitted only for those uses specified as allowable conditional uses in the applicable zone district. A conditional use permit is not a substitute for a change of zone or zoning ordinance text amendment.
(Ord. 612 Exhibit A (part), 2008).